Does 1+1 Allways Equal 2?

 Subverting the dominant paradigm.

Why 1+1 usually doesn’t equal 2.

Hyperbolic Cube

Hyperbolic Cube

 Ar=(o+a)>p   R=Ar infinity

Aperient reality equals the sum of the initial observation and all other observations relative to the perspective.  Reality equals aperient reality times infinity.

“…I know that I know nothing.” –Socrates

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. We know nothing at all. All our knowledge is but the knowledge of school children. The real nature of things we shall never know” –Einstein

“The only thing worse than not knowing is knowing for shure what just aint so.” -Twain?

When I was in highschool I discovered that the more I learned the more aware of my ignorance I became. If I could answer one of my questions, the answer would provide a number of other questions. It was an escalating awareness of unawareness. It wasnt so bad though, I was young and figured I the rest of my life to learn everything… right? Besides I enjoy learning. When I finished reading the books from my classes I went to the library at school, then the local library. Sometimes I would study when I got home from school right on though till it was time to go to school agin.

Any way I discovered that some of what I was tought in school wasnt really on the up and up. small things like how many phases of mater, or how an atom worked (almost nothing like those models we made in class) as well as a few things about how the theory of evolution worked that just aint so. This didn’t really bother me so much at the time, I just figured these were the building blocks that would be expounded upon in higher learning.

But when I learned about how school books were made and paid for this changed. There was a controversy in texas about undisputed incorrect information being tought.. The board said they knew the books were outdated but the students still had to pass the testes on the bad info any way and I was dumbfounded. First how can they knowingly teach bogus fact. Second why were bogus facts being tought to begin with…. how can a bogus fact exist any way???

The answer seems simple enough(what you just thought to yourself) but it’s not, well the first one is simple.. it’s a matter of money and integrity to duty as education officials. The second however not so simple. A bogus fact?.. a fact is a fact it is absolute. unchanging, undeniable, perfect. 1+1=2, I am a human being, sky is blue, grass is green, etc.

See, the problem with science is that it is full of scientists, this is what I mean…

The scientific method is very simple, ask, observe, hypothesis (provable or disproveable guess), test, analyze data, conclusion and repeat. The hypothesis can be substituted for a theory (cannot be proved true, but can be proved false) which excludes the experiment. So in essence all theory’s are false. So if anyone tells you the theory of evolution, or relativity or positron theory is true, they don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s not semantics, its logic… as it turns out a VERY VERY VERY important distinction. ie. im holding a pencil out in front of me, is it a fact that if I let go of this pencil it will fall to the ground?…………….nooooo, it’s not a fact it’s just what is expected.

So the primary reason that we get bad info in class is that we assume that certain things are true when they are not.  Like the Theory of Evolution. It should be taught as it is, a theory and explain the principles that make it work as well as the principles that work against it. Further more the Theory of Evolution shouldn’t be confused with the different kinds of Evolution.

What good does it do a young up and coming biologist to go to the lab and attempt to solve his problems if the information he is using is incompatible with actuality. And how silly is it when a young uninformed Creationist sais Evolution isn’t real.

Here’s some home work: ask a baby boomer if there is something they were tought in school that is considered false today and has had something new to replace it.

It’s a matter of paradigm. Back when the world was flat, no one said to them selves the world is flat. Nor did they teach their children that the world was flat, it just was and was not questioned. Have you ever asked your self Does 1+1 really equal 2? of course not. that’s silly why would anyone ever ask that… it’s just assumed without question… that is a paradigm.

So this got me thinking, who could I trust for information, preacher and congregation? Males and females have the same number of ribs. There is no sea of forgetfulness, just the depths of an unnamed sea (mica), and plenty of other examples. What a bout parents? Teachers? who or what?

Well I considered philosophy or religion, but these were hard to put to the test, besides language, words and the communication between people were so unreliable I pressed on. I considered concrete observations, like I see you, the car is blue, i’m standing here. etc. Well the problem with this is just because I can see, touch, taste, smell or hear something doesn’t nessaceraily make it real. As it turns out the same basic process is going on in the brain between people who see something and they are the only ones to see it as a group of people who agree that they see the same thing. so I see you, may be only my observation or just a communal agreement.

The blue car: ahhh, Color blindness and interpretation of shades.

I’m standing here: Well the law of observation shoots this out of the water. If im standing still here on the side-walk I see my self as being static but an astronaut with a radar gun would clock me at about 1000 mph plus or minus his own speed and direction. Further more I will never be here agin (same place in space) as even the sun itself has its own direction that it takes around the galaxy.

Maybe ill talk about the uncertainty principle and the slit experiment later but not now, don’t like thinking about it. when I first read about it I had to pick up little pieces of my brain off the floor. Which really you can look it up for your self, it will put all this gibber jabber in a nutshell.

Any way I scoured my brain, others, and any resource I could acquire to find a concrete example of a fact… or truth, thus my quest for truth had already begun. I couldn’t find any. so after considering other possibilities I finally came to math. Don’t the smart guys say it is the language of the cosmos? So there it was… I had it.. finally 1+1=2. it was perfect, it was pure, it was absolute….

Well then my dumb self had to ask another question. When reading its laws and realised that 1 had to be equal to the other 1. and when in the form of 2 they had to revert back to their orignal 1s when devided….for the life of me I couldn’t think of any situation when this was true in nature.

Numbers are a figment of our imagination. Really ask any math guy. They will tell you that numbers are an idea, a concept and not real.

I use an apple as newton was occasioned by one and its relationship to knowledge. What is an apple?  It doesn’t matter if I say Mazana, Aval, Jablko, or apple, we all know it’s the fruit of an apple tree and can picture it in our heads. So is an apple still an apple if I pluck the stem? What if I shave its skin, is it still an apple? What if I squish the meat and make sauce? When does it stop being an apple? See the apple is what it is, in its own existence, and is unique. There is no other apple like it. So not only is our concept of what an apple is is abstract, a kinda sorta agreed upon idea of what an apple is but 1 apple will never be equal to another 1 apple except in our imperfect concept of what an apple is. So if 1 and 1 are concepts and not actual quantities of identical duplicates of matter then it would be challenging to find a 1 and a 1 to ever equal 2 where the 2 can be converted back to the 1 and 1. So 1+1 will rarely ever equal 2, and in all probability will never equal 2.

I hope this was an enjoyable read. Soon I will discuss my thoughts on the curvature of space-time, why the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate and why dark mater and anti gravity are complete and utter hogwash. Oh yea and my formula up at the top. Spoiler alert!!!!! The equation doesn’t work, but its fun to talk about.

The Unified Universe


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