The Branches of Philosophy

The Branches of Philosophy

Three Fields of Philosophy

Ontology  this is the study of the ultimate nature of things.

Three main concepts. Monism (one substance makes up reality), Dualism (two substances make up reality), Pluralism (many substances make up reality).

Epistemology  it is scientific knowledge.

Two main concepts. Rationalism (truth can be discovered by reason without physical proof like math or ethics) and Empiricism (truth is discovered by experience and physical evidence like the scientific method) Also A priori and a posteriori.  A brief dispute between the two by Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Axiology The study of value and worth as in truth, beauty, goodness. (Art or Ethics)

Five Branches

Epistemology The study of knowledge.

Logic The study of reason and its use of it to a specific appilication.

Metaphysics The study of reality.

Ethics The study of how to live

Aesthetics The study of beauty and its appreciation.

Other Branches

List from Wiki Books  List from Philosophy Index


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