The History and Branches science

Getting into Science

Natural science, originating from natural philosophy, led to the development of modern science and is heavily based on the scientific method. With the success of this methodology, it helped to create the social sciences which use adaptations of the method to study society and its inner workings.

As with the other studies there are many more subbranches but this will hopefully be a good start to grater awareness if ideas. Notice how difficult how it would be to study one focus without observing others. I wonder, how much more of my own life could be observed if I had more than one pair of eyes?

History of science

Two Fields of Modern Science are the Natural and Social Sciences

Natural Science

Physics Knowledge of nature, the study of how the universe and mater behaves in space and time.

Chemistry The study of matter and its composition, structure, properties and changes.

Biology The study of life and living organisms.

Earth science The study of planet Earth.

Social Science

History Knowledge acquired by investigation.

Anthropology The study of Humankind

Psychology Study of the soul or as we usually understand it the mind.

Economics House rules or the study of goods and services.

Political Science The study of the state and statesmanship.

Sociology The study of human social behavior.

Communication Studies The study of human communications.

Human Geography The study of humans in relation to geography.


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