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Knowledge by investigation. So do not be fooled by the history you learned in school as much was admitidaly politicaliziezd. Yes weither you belive it or not you have been indorcteranted and the paradigms you hold about your world were given to you and may or may not be false. The very point of histoy is to investigate. So it has been said “let us reason together” so let us investagate toghether.

It should be noted that history is not absolute but rather a collection of evedences provide by other fields and the written accounts of either those what witnessed these events or by investigators. Some events are better documented than others. What these incestagotors or historians do is gather as much information form vaious sources as they can such as eye witnesses, local folk lore and oral tradition (which can be as accurate as wirten historys if not more so on occasion) and written accounts.

It has been said that histoy is written by the victors and in this we get often a biasd or political account of what happened but this is not allways the case, sometimes the looser has his own accounts that surive as well. Thoug history is not allways clear cut the more resources we have the easier it is to get a more accurate picure of events. While other accounts are witnessed by so many its almost imposible to falsify.

By understanding the motivations beind certain histoys we gain intuitive insite into the actual accounts. An example is in Christian apologitics is the critiszim that the deciples may have been ling about christs resuraction or was just mistaken. The rebuttal to this is that even though some men may be willing to die for a lie that they belive and are just innocently mistaken this was not the case with the apostles, but they said openly and plainly that they did see it happen and then died still proclaiming that as truth. So you are I cannot be certain for our selves but we can be with a high degree of certiantly that thes men belived they saw the resurrection and were willing to die for that proclamation. This is an intuitive insite because you are I probablay wouldn’t our selves nor know anyone who would die for known lie, let alone many men doing so tighter without atleast one of them backing out.

So just like in a coutroom we have to sometimes read between the lines. Lets begin the investigation.

World History

Pre History

Ancient History

Early Middle Ages, Middle Ages and Post Classical

Modern History


Contemporary History

Again please bare with me as we build the site, there will be more resources to come 🙂


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