What the heck is he talking about?

The Great Unknown

A mission statement if you will. What this site is about.

Life, the universe, and everything. The great unknown isn’t necessarily way off in the cosmos somewhere but the mysteries of the universe can often be found right on the tip of our noses.

What we see and how we perceive it. What is real and what is our imagination. Why do I believe what I believe? Where does it come from? Can I justify my belief? What is truth and if I think I know what it is, how sure of it can I be?

Ever watch Brain Games? If our perception of reality is based on misinformation, false assumptions and our brains overcompensation to make sense of things. How can we be confident in anything? How much of our thinking is based on misdirection and assumption?

I intend to explore all of life’s questions here, both in paradigm and in practice, but most importantly to inspire the question its self. Consider for a moment, if you have political views then why do you have those views? From your parents? Communal influence or rejection? What you hear on T.V or articles you read? Is your opinion really your own or was it given to you from outside forces?

 Isnt your opinion formed from your best attempt to reason with the information you have? Socrates in Plato’s republic called opinion an illusion. If it is understood then it is better to say, not that I have a opinion but rather that I have an illusion about something.

This may be offensive to some but I assure you that odds are, that what ever you believe is based on only partial information and your nature as a human being to make since the best you can with limited and partial knowledge.

I hear all the time I know it but I just can’t explain it. Einstein said that if you can’t explain it then you don’t know it. Are you a Christian? Then prove it. Explain why you are. If you can’t then how convicted can you really be in your  faith? Consider your denomination. Why do you belong to the church you do? Or have you ever considered how much of your faith and belief is based on non biblical teachings? For example my post on self-esteem examines this possibility.

As a home work assignment just ask your self any question. Discover what the different definitions and views for that question is. Then instead of just choosing one side or the other based on emotional guessing, learn the origins of the opposing arguments and why they exist. I’m confident that you will not only have a better understanding of your own belief but now you will be able to argue both sides and justify your belief in a greater perspective.

This isn’t about shaking up faith but rather to encourage the strengthening of faith. Remember Shakespeare’s Caesar? Brutus was the greater orator but Antony won the people’s hearts because he spoke last. An awesome insight into human nature. Are we really so vulnerable to influence? Yes we are……… Yes we are.

As a believer of something, how do you feel when someone can but you down and shame your belief? Who do you feel when you question your own beliefs with no answer? Bad enough that we dismiss it and do our best to forget that we may be wrong and just hope blindly that we may be right.

Why is any of this important? Well say you decide to do your taxes on your own. Wouldn’t you want to pay your taxes being secure that you did it correctly and not worry about fines or imprisonment? Ever consider how much liability you have if you have someone else do it for you?

So to sum it up hopefully, Who am I? Why am I here. What can I believe and how can I justify my belief? What is real and to what confidence do I have that it is real. This is to encourage the seeking of truth. To ask the questions that we did as children before we became static in our thinking and growth.


About TheEpistemologist

If I don't know it I want to. If I haven't been there I want to go there. If I haven't tasted it I want to taste it. Life, An adventurous journey I wil take to the end.
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