The Unified Universe?

The Hogwash of hogwashian proclamations!!

hyperbolic cube 1

Ha. What I mean is im an uneducated fool. The following, im sure is nonsense. It is, however one of my first academic passions before the real world carried me away from my investigations. I haven’t thought about these things in more than a decade. Iv been looking for my old doodles and scribbles that I kept in a banana box but to no avail. Any way this is the continuation of Why 1+1 Doesn’t Equal 2

I write now because iv always wanted to publish my theory but I know it is incomplete as I have forgotten soooo much. So ill just do the best I can now from memory and a few wiki refresher but maybe in time I can return to these thoughts with greater capacity.

One of my predictions wound up being correct so I wonder was it a fluke or was there something to it. I call it the force because I was a kid at the time and im a star wars nerd, but im sure when I re-engage my pursuit ill come up with a better name for it.

Basic Principles of the Force.

Again just to clarify, these are purely intuitive and was deduced from rational experiments based on limited education. Einstein’s Apendexises, Brief History of time, About Time, some probably misunderstood collage physics texts, etc…

1.  The universe is expanding at an accelerated rate. The rate of acceleration will compound in time.

2.  Dark Matter and Dark Energy do not exist. Anti Gravity im unclear and might just depend on the definition but am somewhat confident it’s not natural especially on a cosmic scale.

3.  Space is not empty and it is not made up of stuff but rather space is stuff. It doesn’t have mass its self and is not matter. It is pre matter that has varying degrees of existence. (im not shure if it ever leaves and returns to existence but I propose at least it varies in the state of being real).

4.  Constants (g, h, a, etc.) are not constant but rather the are the product of the true universal constant.

5.  fields are not active properties themselves but are the effects of this constant

6.  the universal constant is the rate in which space moves in and out of its degrees of existence, the rate in which it clumps and stretches. Which infers the kind of matter it will become and how it relates to itself in being both matter and space simultaneously.

7.  time is equal to the rate of the actions of space and is relative. (no speed limit)

8.  Claims to be a unified field theory. (strong, week, gravity, electromagnetic operate by my defined constant.)

9.  The age of the earth and the universe are miss calculated and cannot be calculated correctly until the rate of time can be predicted and measured.

10. To understand the theory you must visualize it with a three-dimensional diagram of the curvature of space-time and forget any two-dimensional diagrams you may have seen on T.V. or in books.

11. aperient reality equals the sum of the initial observation and all other observations relative to the perspective

12. Reality equals the sum of everything or aperient reality by infinity.

13. Claims to bridge opposing theory’s like relativity and quantum mechanics, proton and electron theory’s etc….

14. matter is clumped up space, and when energy us unusable most\all of it usally\always breaks down and converts back into space.

15. Two observers in different rates of time cannot naturally quantify each others differences in respective rates but can only observe the time they are in.

16. Waves and particles are the same thing. They are space acting as matter and as its self simultaneously.

What are they

Understanding where ideas come from makes much easier to break down what they mean. lets start with dark mater, dark energy and anti gravity.

Dark mater was connived due to the inconsistency of the speed of bodies and the calculated mass involved. Example being lets count all the mass of a galaxy then record the speed of the bodies in the galaxy. As it turns out the star systems in the outer rings of the observed galaxy are moving much faster then they should. So the obvious conclusion is that there must be more mass that we can’t see, hence dark matter.

Dark energy is a small constant in negative pressure of a vacuum. This is another attempt to explain why things tend to do more work then they should.

Einstein came up with relativity back when the universe was still static but relativity didn’t work in a static universe so he invented the idea of anti gravity to explain how it could work. That while mass attracts at a close distance it repels at a greater distance thus allowing the universe to stay static.  Later when Hubble discovered the redshift Einstein retracted his explanation and called it his greatest blunder. Now there are some other definitions that seem plausible to me but still is not why the universe expands at an accelerated rate.

Breaking it down

The first thing to do is get the right picture. We see often the trampoline or fish net with a ball in it to show what gravity is. It does well enough to show that we are not pulled around the sun by the suns force but rather we fall around the sun because of its geometric bending of space.

curvatue of space

But to really understand it you have to close your eyes and see what it looks like in a 3D model. See that space isn’t warped down at the bottom of the ball but that space is instead warped to the center of the balls mass.


These are the best pictures I could find but do the trick I think. Hyperbolic pictures seem to be rare. I wish I could draw for you what a black hole would look like but haven’t learned how to do that yet. But if you take the picture above and add more lines and pull them tighter to the center they you may have an idea that is more correct than the funnel or twister diagram you’ve probably seen. The event horizon should be spherical or some what so.

Ok, now that we can see space lets give it some texture. Lets think of space as being like rubber, stretchy like a rubber band. Then hold it up to you face and look real closely to the fibers that make up the rubber band. If you let the band relax then the fibers are close together but as you stretch the band they separate and become farther apart, see…

For the definition of space that im using, space is both the gaps and the individual fibers. Space, like the rubber band has its prefered state. Not stretched out and not bunched up together. The fibers are not necessary mass yet but the closer they get bunched up together the more likely some kind of matter will form. But no matter how much the fibers get cramped there is always the gaps in between.

This is why some times we see particles and different kinds as well as why we see waves. Why sometime things seem to exist and some times they don’t. Or why sometimes we see things in two places at once or two things occupying the same place. The gaps in between are not necessarily extra-dimenesional but likely just a different state of existence as non matter. Existing with out existing. It is here in the spaces that we see forces or fields and where quantum mechanics get goofy and defies common since.

Next we think of space (rubber band) as being sometimes very sticky and sometimes less so. The more that these fibers stick together the more they like it and the more they separate the less interested hey become in each other. I’m referring to repulsion, attraction, formation of matter and how they interact with each other.

The distinction here is that attraction is stronger than repulsion and even that repulsion may not even be real.. example, two positive magnets don’t repel each other they just don’t like each other very much.  That sounds goofy and is counter intuitive I know but what im trying to say is that opposite and same forces still work in the same space, mater is formed with mass and non mass, and different kinds of matter interact with each other differently but have use the same rules as they interact with the fibers and the gaps in between.

Clumpy and stretchy time.

Time is real and does exist. It is quantifiable by the amount of space it has or rather it is the action of space. The clumpier space gets the slower time gets. Think of being in a pool. Its easier to swim at the surface then submerged. Thats a poor analogy so let’s try running through a field of jello that’s neck high compared to running through jello drops raining from the sky.

It’s not so much a matter of presser as it is just having to travel through more stuff. The more action and work that is takeing place in grater amounts of space the harder it is for time to flow. Though my explanation differs this effect is verified by experiment. The speed of time is dependant on the amount of energy involved. People in an air plane traveling east are traveling faster in time than those standing on the ground watching.

So if time is going slower when space is clumped up and its going faster when space is stretched we can then visualize the rate of time as being also the rate in which space clumps and stretches.

Looking at the rubber band again up very close. Draw two dots next to each other and stretch the rubber band. The dots are static on the rubber band but they still move farther apart by our outside perspective. But if we count the fibers there is still the same number present. The quantifiable amount of space hasn’t changed only the distance that it is to its self.

So now lets replace the dots with you and me. Lets clump up space where im standing and stretch out space where your standing. I cannot see your state of time and space. I don’t know that your space is stretched or that time is faster for you. All I can see Is you take one little step away from me but you traveled a huge distance in that one little step. The same is for you in your awareness of my state. But when you watch me take a step I hardly move at all.

So now we see why we don’t need a negative pressure on a vacuum or some more matter we need to find some where. We just need to find out how to pick up a little bit of space and look at it while blinking. If we could do this then we could see the photon in the double slit experiment and watch it as a wave and as a particle. going through only one slit or both, going back in time to change what it was and seeing its present and past state all at the same time. And the uncertainty principle would collapse. We would be able to measure position and speed together.

 We see that the universe isn’t expanding out of some need to over come mass but rather it stretches so it looks farther away and it is in a higher rate of time at greater distances. For practical purposes the distance is real but we don’t know that until we get there. Or at least until we can manipulate space our selves on a grand scale.

Last but not least

Every great physics theory comes along with some math. Unfortunately for me I didn’t start learning math until 10th grade and only had 2 years to play catch up amidst all my other distractions. It was about that time I realised that I not only got numbers mixed up but I thought backwards. 41 became 14 and + became -. Once I learned this about my self I gathered that I could follow the rules I just had a hard time processing them. To this day I can’t do 9-4 without using my fingers lol.

So any way this is my attempt to formulate my thoughts above and is probably more philosophical in nature then an actual empirical prediction.

Ar = (Oi + Oo) /> P Wherefore R = Ar ∞

Aperient reality equals the sum of the initial observation and all other observations relative to the perspective, wherefore Reality equals the sum of all Aperient realities.

Lets break this down right quick. Tell me what these are pictures of.


Well a desk right? Shure but what else? If you have a desk at home or work you probably don’t think, this is a desk to your self, every time you sit down you are thinking of the things you are planning to do at it giving little to no thought about its existence.

To explore some more. Maybe you’re a factory worker that built the desk then the general definition looses meaning for you and it becomes bread instead. The means which you provide for your self and family.

Or if you’re an engineer its your brilliant artistic creation. Or if your a chemist maybe you want to look at its chemical properties.

So we see there is no real definition for what a desk is but instead many definitions depending on the perspective yet at the same time it is still what it is without any observation. So existence and observation can operate independently of each other but are still effected by one another.

If some one could make this formula work im fairly confident we could see the true universal constant and pierce the very heart of the laws we understand and discover a whole new set of laws that transcend human understanding of experience. Science as we know it would cease to exist and imperial evidence along with rationalism would fall apart and a new method of knowledge would replace the old.

I say the understanding of human experience for the obvious reasons but also because I illusion (opinion) that some of us have discovered in part this method like Einstein and Ramanujan.

hyperbolic sphere

Above is the only Hyperbolic sphere I could find. It doesn’t do it justice and its ridiculous to think about but close your eyes again and picture a sphere then turn the curves that are pointing outward and make them concave or pull the outer curve in toward the center……. lol crazy right?

Any way hope you had fun, I did. Maybe ill get lucky and a real physicist will hop on and help me out. Untill then, assuming the time, ill come back to this. Im just dumber now than I used to be 🙂

Continue with How does a particle know its being watched?


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