How Does A Particle Know Its Being Watched?

What? Really, how does it know its being watched? The double slit experimetn is totally wack!!! It is a wave when its not being watched but as soon as someone looks it, it exists as a particle. How does looking at it change how it functions?

Ok, sure I get that the little model of an atom I built in school wasn’t really how atoms look. As ridiculous as it sounds I get, at least in part, probability potentials and the uncertainty principle. But this really shows just how little we really know and understand about the elemental principles of reality and what we hold onto so dearly as fact and truth.

If I cant believe in a concept so simple as, “I can only be in one place at a time” or “that I cant be in two places at a time,” then what can I believe as true?

Its called by a few names but I like naïve reality or otherwise known as common sense. I prefer to say the former as that is exactly what it is and I think sad that it is so common. What I mean is lets stop saying “I know” or “I understand.” Instead like Socraties ” I know that I know nothing,” or like Obi Wan “unlearn what you have learned” and begin to see the world in a new light. A perspective we may never obtain but is completely worth searching for.

The universe is so unbelievable mysterious that we rarely even find the approiate questions to ask. Every answer we think we find it only opens another plithera of new questions.

A slightly more in depth explanation

For anyone who knows me and my ramblings on my 3D diagram or my post on The Unified Universe does the video below sound familiar? Great argument here.

The bigness and the smallness as a definition was part of the attempt in that post When I was describing the rubber band that stretched and the relation of the “moment” or “you and I” were static but at an increasing distance while in the same stuff called I called “space” but in different “momentums” or “rate of time”.

Also note in my previous post that stuff happened both in the fabric and the gaps in between. He dosnt say that here but instead redefines what the gaps are is different from but similar to my Ar = (Oi + Oo) /> P wherefore R = Ar ∞


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If I don't know it I want to. If I haven't been there I want to go there. If I haven't tasted it I want to taste it. Life, An adventurous journey I wil take to the end.
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