My Journey Through Christianity-Nothing, Something and Everything (part 3)

An informal apology     part 1, part 2

Backing up a little bit brings me to about ten years old. Childhood wasn’t always a fun thing for me. I remember looking out a window and wondering why the kids playing outside looked so happy. Why were they happy and I wasn’t? Was I different from them in some way?

It was upon these reckonings that I realized that I was something. That I was a person with my own thoughts and feelings. That I was my own person and even though I wasn’t happy like them It was up to me to find it for my self. No one else was going to live my life for me. It was something I had to do my self.

Later in life upon reflecting on this moment I saw that I had unknowingly committed to not complaining and either just excepting things as they were outside of my control or taking action when it was possible. Finding an inner peace. Much later in life I draw back to this moment as the signing of a covenant I had no knowledge of at the time. When I learned of the agreement I made and its consequences there was no turning back for me.

See my mother was a devout Christian raised as a Baptist. My father on the other hand was Mormon I think. I remember going to a Mormon church as a kid but I also remember going to some maybe of a Holiness or  perhaps Pentecostal persuasion. I don’t remember for sure what all kinds.

Before the window incident and my parents divorce I had been baptized in the Baptist church. It was of my own cognition and desire to be. I felt something there and, as a child can, I believed in God. I started to have my doubts though standing at the window.

If there was a God then why is there suffering, violence, pain, etc.? If he was so great then why didn’t he help us? How cold he allow all this to happen?

It was then, at the window, that I decided to challenge God. I figured that if he was real and worth worshiping then he would make himself known. If he didn’t exist or he didn’t care then I was on my own and had to figure it out for my self.

I said “God if your exist and love me then show your self to me and ill follow you.”

Show me God!!!

Was the name of the first book I read in high school that dealt with the issues of religion and science. There were many good parts that stuck out to me but one id like to share. I can’t remember who, maybe Hawkins was giving a lecture and a lady in the audience said “it was all wrong.” “The world is flat and sits on the back of the turtle” Then the speaker replied “Oh!! So what is the turtle on?” and the woman exclaimed “Ha!! See you think you got me don’t you? Well its turtles all the way down!!”

This was used in comparison to the Big Bang theory. How do we know that in a thousand years from now scientists wont look back at us and think we are so silly for believing that the universe was caused by some magical big bang? That they wont look at us as ridiculously as we view the ancients for their beliefs.

So the better statement isn’t that I believe or disbelieve the big bang theory but rather its simply the most logical explanation to the origins of the universe to date. As our view of the universe has taken on an evolution of its own provable by history it seems unreasonable and foolish to consider any theory as true. Especially since the definition makes clear that it is not.

This also gives some insight into human nature to just believe what they hear or are told or even what they think about what they witness by having opinions on the matter. There is really no difference between the person who believes in the turtle theory or the person who believes in the big bang theory. They are both making assumptions about what they don’t know.

I often say that the problem with science is that its full of scientists. Science isn’t about belief, it’s about evidence and probability. It seems that any belief about the nature of things is going to be flawed and open to scrutiny in some way.

I love this example. Can I be in two places at once? Can I be in the same place as something else? Does time always move forward? Once something happens can you rewind the universe and make something else happen instead? This defies naïve reality (common sense) but they answer might be yes and for some things the answer does seem to be yes. How does a particle know its being watched?

The point here is despite the benefits of science, philosophy, religion and all the systematic ways of human thinking the discovery of an absolute and perfect truth probably isn’t going to be found here. It seems the best we can do here is just make the best progress we can and remember not to believe anything but at best assume probabilities.

🙂 As allays commentary is great 🙂


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  1. Eilish Niamh says:

    Yes, I often agree. I sometimes say that our values generally stay the same, but beliefs never should. Unrelatedly, how did you link your earlier posts to this one? I am also writing a series and would love to do this.

  2. hey, when your writing post, the box at the top where you change font size, color, style, etc. there is a little icon that looks like a paper clip. Highlight the text you want to imbed a link into then click the paper clip. a box will pop up and you can either cut and paste someone elses lint into it or youi can scroll down and insert one of your own posts…. Hope that is helpful, If not let me know and ill try to find the wp instructions for it.

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