Questions about the Existence of my self, the Universe and the Future of Human thought and Science

Recently I posted about the experience in which I became aware of my soul. All I could do was describe what happened to the best of my recollection and communicative skills yet the how’s and scientific mechanisms that explain such phenomenon remain a mystery.

I haven’t fully researched this as I am still studying lesser things to build a better foundations of future proposals and theory’s. The following are just some ideas I’m kicking around my head and wanted to share in hopes for a response.

What if?

What if my existence was made up of at least three components? If I can say “My Body” and My Soul” there must be a higher self/intelligence/essence/capacity. Thinking just physically, if I say my hands, my feet, and my legs, then theses are just parts of the whole body and I am conscious of them through the form of my intellect or my brain which is also part of the whole.

So in this case my brain or mind is the higher function in relation to the body. If I move out and am aware of my mind which is the physical make up of electricity, chemicals and grey matter and then some how I become aware of my spirit which does not have a physical mind represented by the brain but has an awareness which functions off a different mechanism then what is that higher function in relation to my body and soul? I have two initial proposals from this that of course lead to a few more.

  1. What is the higher awareness which allows me to know both my body and soul?
  2. What is the mechanism of interaction between the three?

Some science claims that these are all psychological and neurological responses in the body.

There are other less valued sciences which take a specific interest in other possibilities for these phenomenon.

Religion also seems to have some responses. The basic theme of Dharmic teachings hold that the aim of the soul (Atman) is to become one with the universe. The universe is sometimes personified as Braham but the general idea is that we are all part of this universal essence in which we are meant to reunite with but are never fully disconnected from it.

Taoism says something similar in its Tao. It can’t be defined or explained but the attempt is stated as the flow of the universe which is both the acting and the source of all things. We can achieve Te trough Wu-Wei.

Abrahamic religions don’t typically expand the concept of God into a universal form but emphasize his personification Alla, I Am, and the Trinity. Bahá’í  Faith however says that all the religions are the same but revealed to man as he could understand in that particular place and time. Unitarian Universalism says something similar. The version of Christianity I adhere to (Eastern Orthodoxy) has a concept of Orthodox Nous that has to do with Theosis which is the sharing participation of God and man where we become united with him.

Classifications of religions– this site

Then philosophy also has a kind of Noetic knowledge of which many attempt to obtain through various kinds of reason and practice.

A Priori and A Posteriori, Nous, Theosis, Intuition, Higher conscientious, Theological Praxis, Enlightenment, Nirvana, Moksha, Te, Other Worldly and Out of Body

What if these were all manifestations of the same kind of knowledge expressed by various human and physical forms of communication. My experience was not only very real to me but the highest form of reality that I know. I’m also aware that many other people have had similar experiences that don’t have the same religious and philosophical views as my self. So I wonder if by examining the similarities of thought from all over the world, could one deduce by a kind of fuzzy logical observation in conjunction with intuitive a priori experience that there would be a God and some kind of universal connectivity between him and us?

Quantum Entanglement and the Evolution of the Philosophic Theory’s of Science

Quantum entanglement very simply says that things seem to have a cause and effect even if separated by vast distances. Could this be scratching the surface of discovering the natural laws of what we call supernatural? Prayer? Seeing future events in the present? Seeing details of places and things never physically observed? Two people communicating across vast distances without manufactured tools?

What if empirical and theoretical science has touched on something that could explain the supernatural. We know that science has evolved from philosophy and is historically closely tied to theology. Despite indifference, at times, there is a kind of harmony between the three that seek the proper questions and then to answer them.

I’m wondering if the super natural is just on the surface an appeal to ignorance but that it cold be adequately explained by a higher form of human spiritual reason. Not science, not philosophical, not religious but by a different method we have yet to collectively discover but have had some claim by random human experience and is widely dismissed intellectually.

I’m wondering if maybe some day, if we can learn to ignore our preconceptions/opinions/attempts to understand through the theory’s of scientific and rational knowledge/physical experience, that maybe some day the scientific method will be replaced by a new method which uses the union between the existence of knowledge as it exists in a true universal reality with our own being.

“An equation for me has no meaning unless it expresses a thought of God.”- Srinivasa Ramanujan

Ramanujan was an Indian mathematician (perhaps the greatest)who had no formal education in mathematics yet he was able to rediscover known mathematical principles foreign to himself. He was able to grasp and conceive of, through novel contemplation complicated mathematical forms that took mankind centuries to discover. He claimed that his family’s patron goddess would unravel scrolls to him in his dreams that revealed the mysteries of mathematics to him.

“I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details.”- Albert Einstein

Einstein came up with Special and General Relativity not through empirical science but by what he called his thought experiments. I don’t know If he ever went into any detail in explaining that but for certain his revelations were some mix of intuition and reason. These are but two examples of many.

Most of us I think can recall some kind of intuitive gut instinct which evolutionary biology, anthropology and other sciences seem to have good answers for but many of us, I guess, have some experiences that cannot be readily explained rationally. What is this other part of our existence and experience? Why do we so readily and eagerly assume an answer for?

We cannot obtain true knowledge and if we could we could not express it

I think the above statement is true if we only attempt to obtain knowledge through our systematic forms of reason but I purpose that if we could somehow connect our minds, spirits and this universal essence I call God then we could discover a different kind of science and communication. We would not gain this knowledge through the theory’s of reason, nor by the theory’s of scientific knowledge or by commutative expressions of religion but instead, if we could access this new perspective and higher awareness we cold simply know in its purest form just by accessing the other world of infinite and perfect understanding and knowledge. If we could communicate with our whole being and not just our mind or spirit then we cold also communicate with each other without language/distance/cultural/instinctual/ barriers but instead some how perfectly transfer the awareness of knowledge.

The poem must resist the intelligence
Almost successfully. Illustration:

A brune figure in winter evening resists
Identity. The thing he carries resists

The most necessitous sense. Accept them, then,
As secondary (parts not quite perceived

Of the obvious whole, uncertain particles
Of the certain solid, the primary free from doubt,

Things floating like the first hundred flakes of snow
Out of a storm we must endure all night,

Out of a storm of secondary things),
A horror of thoughts that suddenly are real.

We must endure our thoughts all night, until
The bright obvious stands motionless in cold.

-Man Carrying Thing, Wallace Stevens

The proposal

I propose that reason and empirical observation can only reveal and communicate part of an absolute truth but for the essence of reality to be fully known one must be in a liturgical communion with the essence as it is in its own sate of existance without perception.

Then for those in communal response to this knowledge could communicate (some kind of transfer) perfectly with this knowledge and each other with out loss.

Thank you

An explanation of this poem here Quasi-unintelligibility that quickly references this purposed interpretation of where knowledge might be found.

And a thank you to shared ignorance for sharing the poem. This link is for a path to True Knowledge I am currently investigating in conjunction with my own aims.


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If I don't know it I want to. If I haven't been there I want to go there. If I haven't tasted it I want to taste it. Life, An adventurous journey I wil take to the end.
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6 Responses to Questions about the Existence of my self, the Universe and the Future of Human thought and Science

  1. Rhona says:

    Hi there
    to find like minded souls is very hard indeed , true believers in Christ and the Holy Gospels…those who live according to the word in absolute obedience to God…..
    Most certainly there is a great treasure to be found…and it is exactly as Moses and all the prophets of the Bible knew…..the world is still the same nothing has changed
    I would very much like to correspond with you , you can check out my poems on my blog….

  2. hey, nice to meet you. I read some of your poems, nice!! I read a lot of poetry. it seems to be popular in the wp reader. how long you been blogging?

    • Rhona says:

      Hi friend…my names Rhona
      thanks , I can relate much to your story and testimony

      I ve been here a month I think….I ve written about 200 poems…will be publishing next month….I put up a few here for now
      which part of the world are u from…im from Johannesburg

    • Rhona says:

      and….for sure you are one of the called ones……happy to have met you……indeed

  3. hey im malan and from a little town in Alabama USA. if you have a story to tell id love to hear it. I look forward to reading more of your poems

    • Rhona says:

      hey Malan great meeting u , yeh sure …and glad u enjoy the poems , love writing from the heart….
      thanks a lot and enjoy the day


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