The United States of America

Here we will explore our little village. Our history, discovery, development, the philosophes of our founding fathers, the constitution, our government structure and ever-changing policies, the emergence as a super power and current affairs including our role in the world, our culture, and how this effects our everyday lives.

I hope that by defining what we are, we can, with a more clear purpose engage in those issues that effect each of us. Again and again I acknowledge the ease in wich we limit our selves to our own thinking and dismiss the rest. Is it my opinion (illusion) that things should be one way or another? Is it my illusion that if I do not engage that I will be safe from tyarnary or that my politics will keep me from harm.

We must never forget, it we do not already know, that the most important part of our government is the people. Yes you and I hold the power of demise and the future of our children in our very hands. Walter Riley (I think) said that all people have exactly the government it deserves.

Do not leave the affairs of your life to men who are not concerned with it but take responsibility for your freedom. To blatantly accuse the government with your problems and then do nothing is the same as walking off a cliff, having seen it in advance, and blaming gravity for your fall.

I love my country, I love my country men, I love my community, I love my family, I love my self. So with knowledge compassion and wisdom, let us love on another and reason together.