Art, again is a mergence into and out from philosophy. My favorite definition of art is the expression of the human experience. Weither its a painting, sculpture, music or a flower arrangement they all are interpretations and menestifastions of the human soul in relation to its self and its environment.

In its broader sense any form of creativity can be considered art. It may be for some a beautiful symphonic harmony of numbers that help to define reality in a way others can’t see or the entrepeneur who is inspired crate a service or product for his fellow-man. Not to say that all business men are artists but rather that some men are because they were deeply moved to express his visions in such a manner.

Here in art we see the soul of man. The beauty of his beauty. Undefined, open, uninhibited, ugly, horrific, and pleasant. The way we have chosen, or rather were compled to reflect open our experience in all its forms for all to see. Perhaps maby even the one field of study we cannot lie to our selves? A reflection of our souls for all to see without restraint? Even the masks we share in art, do they not reveal an undeniable truth about our selves that is universal?

If math is the language of the universe then I purpose that art (which can include mathematics) is the language of man that transcends language and is understood by all cultures and intelligences. If there was ever proof of a soul then certainly it is in the voice of our souls manifested in art.

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