The cultivation of the soul. Which is the development of human life and its ways of a man, his family, his neighbours and local community and his greater community. In this culture is (by my definition) the communal manifestation of mans soul. The agreed upon way to live and teach our children for generations to come. This isn’t just the art of a man but the art of all man kind. One can see its beauty or its tragedy.

But what better way to get a perspective on ones own life then to emerse himself in the ways of others. How do I know that my way is the right way or the better one. How can I compare my exististance if I only see the existence of others and not see the heart of their existence. And what does it say about my own?

An example is how we in the west have a paradigm of love that we refer to romantic love. We can look at, say india, where arranged maraiges are still common practice and say oh!, how barbaric!, how crude!, or how unhuman! Yet we form or own opinion (illusion) based on only our own perspective without considering theirs.

I have heard it said of us that we romanticists have no love. That our love is empty and foolish. That humans don’t know what they want (a principle marketers successfully use on us everyday) so desire is subject to change but the hindu, like all humans desire happiness therefore despite arrangement they can obtain a greater, richer and more completely satisfying kind of love that we cannot.

So see, whither I agree or not I know that I am not alone in my quest for happiness, sence of self or desire to be apart of a community. Socrates said that he wasn’t a citizen of Athens but a citizen of the world. Are we not all citizens of the world out side of what we know or what we have been exposed to?

I hope this will be one place of many you have access too to reach out and discover your own humanity by discovering the humanity of others. To see that the world we live in is not so small and that our way of living is only a small manifestation of mankinds entirety.

Getting into culture