The Eternal Quest of Man is Now in History

Among many other benefits history provides it is one of the best sources for inspiration and real life role models. It’s too easy to just think of history as just something that happened rather than something that is happening right now. Ever hear of reinventing the wheel? How does this saying and history compare? Well, do you think that you are the only person to ever go through what you are going through now? Course not. History has been a rich treasure trove of real life how too resources. Not only have many before me endured much more than myself but by their actions and words give greater in site to my own sufferings and endeavours.

History is the diary of the human race full of our mistakes that we tend to repeat over and over as well of our greatest achievements and leaps forward. Have you ever wondered what makes a great man great? Or what makes a man capable of ceasing a opportunity to change the world. Say for instance you are politically active, have you compared your ideals to a historical track record  that has already been established, or do you know where your beliefs about anything comes from?

Where a belief is formed and why it was established says more about it then where you may think that belief will go in the future or how you think it relates to you now.

Think for a moment. Are you a Christian? Then why? Where did It come from and why was it successful as a religion despite its persecution? Do you belive in the bible? They why? How can you defend your belief if you don’t know what the bible is or where It cam from?

Here I hope to provide exposure to mans quest to find himself  in this world and perhaps relate real world and real life sources to encourage our own personal journey. After all why learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from others. Or why reinvent the wheel when you can invent the teleport machine instead? Grate leaps forward not only come from ones incite and intuition but form understanding the need.

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