Not just a series of untrue stories that are no longer relevant. But in many ways very relevant to us today. It can be loosely said that mythology is the origin of modern science, psychology, philosophy and many other studys. More importantly the wisdom and invite into human nature and his relationship with his environment are far more truthful than we may readily acknowledge. Iv found particularly ancient Greek mythos to be very rewarding and has forced me to consider things I probably wouldn’t have on my own.

The origins of a myth of course can’t be known definitively but there are some common themes that seem to be universally agreed on.

They may be factual events that were embleshied over time. We not only have discovered actual historical and archeological evidence of some myths but we have also watched myths develop around well documented historical figures since the common era.

Another source may but from takeing complex ideas that are put into a story for common laymen to understand. One of my favorite allegories are that of Aristophanes’s Speech from Plato’s Symposium which comically describes the very human search for ones other half. Or the allegory of the cave which describes what this whole site is about.

Prehistoric man probably, not understanding their place in the world tried to make sense of it. Completely at the whim of nature early man worshiped these forces, like fire, air, water, the sun, storms, rain etc. Over time these forces began to become personified and given names.

Mythologies tend to prescribe some set of morals and represent the model for human behavior or the consequences of lesser morals. It’s not uncommon for myth to question, describe or explain the motivations of our actions and those actions in relation to the forces of nature, society, environment, and internal conflict.

Quite simply put, the very complex human condition in fun, interstering and thoughtful stories. Iv heard it said before that what you learn in grade school doesn’t matter…. that you wont use it in real life. I purpose that absolutely everything that can be learned can not only can be used in life but already is used rather its intentional or not. I’m shure ill post on that later. Have fun.

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