As with religion, philosophy ask the fundamental questions of human existence. The main difference is where religion is more assumptive philosophy is less so… or at least makes the attempt and at the very worst tries to acknowledge its assumptions. I don’t understand why it isn’t but I have strong feelings that philosophy should be thought at elementary levels of education.

Along with many other aspects of a civilizations culture, a classical education is imperative to the development of a society that wants to produces great men. Think about it…… how many men of history had the benefit of a classical education or at least had access to some of its components? Pick up an American history book… European history book… it doesn’t matter I dare you to find great men who were not products of a great education. I challenge you to do this not to prove me wrong but to see for your self what im talking about.

“I owe my father for giving me life. I owe my teacher for living life well”

This was stated by Alexander the Great in reference to his tutor, Aristotle. A man who conquered the world and enlightened the East. The East which brought light back to the West after its dark ages that we call the renascence. Alex dreamed of one world and one peace filled with enlightened people, educated, healthy, and tolerant.

“Yet implicit to Plato’s and Socrates rationalism is the assumption, incompatible to the occult of violence, that mans intellect can discover the nature of a good life and the means of obtaining it through philosophical inquiry”

I don’t remember where that comes from. Some Western Philosophy book I read a million years ago probably and it just stuck.

The point is if you don’t ask you don’t know. You don’t know what you don’t know and you can only think of the things that you can think of. violence or hatred and general uncivility is often rooted in simple ignorance. We by nature as our primary instinct for survival fear the things we don’t understand and fear is quite often the root of the evils we commit against each other.

Any one who doesn’t want to walk around blind or any one who hasn’t had the mysteries of the universe revealed to him by God himself should definantily at least consider the roots of much of mankind’s greatest achievements.

One final note to hopefully bring it home. Why is America here? Well… that answer can be traced back quite aways and their were many reasons. But I like to think of the conversations held in coffee houses that drove mens hearts to passion and lit a fire that couldn’t be quenched until these ideals were realized.

One final final note. Also consider the part of philosophy that deals with reality. Don’t be fooled by common sence or sometimes refered to nieve reality. Just because you can touch it or see it or explain it or think you know it, doesnt nessarly make it reality. There are reasons why even to this day of technological and scientific achievement why we still debate what reality is?????????????? Why don’t the smartest people alive or that have lived know what is real??????????

I’m shure ill have a plethora of posts concerning philosophy but I hope this will provide the basics and exposure to …………

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