God, The Gods, Life Forces and Energies, Nature and Spirits, Magick, Ancestors, Conscience, The Soul and Self.

Religion along with philosophy is one of the quintessential forms of the human being. Even atheists and religious skeptics accept this in their arguments. If any one is trying to find the answers to life I can’t promise that religion offers that answer but know that you’re not alone and the very questions that you have asked your self have been pondered by man for at least as long as our collective memory has existed.

Hopefully by seeing how other cultures, modern and through the ages have addressed these questions can put a wider perspective on your individual experience and allow you to articulate your own thoughts and feelings about those experiences. While relating to others in empathy, compassion and tolerance.

Fortunately religion is one of mankind’s favorite subjects so I wont have to say much my self. I’ll try to give access to the broad view perspective and prime themes of various religions. Then link to the official pages of those religions for more detailed explanations by their adherents.

Though I welcome and encourage any dialogue I will probably have a primary inclination to  comment on Christian theology, doctrines, and history

I hope this is a useful tool in your journey through existence and condition of this life.

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Religion Facts Main Page A great page for more info on individual religions. Is where these comparison charts come from. Many intriguing articles on common questions and debates.

Comparison of Islam, Judaism and Christianity

Comparison of Sunni and Shia Islam

Comparison of Christian Denominations’ Beliefs