Science, I love it. Rooted in philosophy the scientific method its self stems from Aristoteles arguments against or improvements to the Socratic method. Science is the practice of gathering, classifying describing and predicting tangible knowledge. It formulates the rules for its inquiries to a standard and interchangeable set of laws used to paint a clearer picture of any given system of study. We not only use science to make a way of acquiring tangible knowledge but also as a body of various kinds of knowledge itself.

I point out that science is a study of the tangible, though this may not always be the case, to emphasize what it is and not what it is perceived to be. A matter of paradigm. I often say that the problem with science is that it is full of scientists. The practice of science itself is riddled with tons of problems and gone through many revisions. It is not the end all, be all of knowledge. For one it is only one kind of, or one way of looking at knowledge. Second human beings get in the way of the actual practice itself. Not even the scientist is immune to assumption. Certainty should never be assumed but instead should measure the degrees of certainty. Below is a nice little paraphrase from the wiki link on certainty.

“It is widely held that certainty about the real world is a failed historical enterprise”

I’m anxious to post about the double slit experiment and the uncertainty principle. If I don’t get it up soon go ahead and look it of you self.

With that aside the practice of science seems to be the best way of understanding what stuff is and how it works so far. I’m confident that science will be replaced with something else we can’t conceive of yet or at least improved upon transforming itself into something new like it already has over the millinia. In short it is practical and can be used in practical matters more efficiently than any other form of thought.

Here I will provide the history of science, the common or universally accepted principles of science, its branches and sub categories.

Hope you enjoy but a warning, keep a broom ready as you may have to sweep up pieces of you brain off the floor when its blown.

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