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My Journey Through Christianity-Nothing, Something and Everything (part 4)

An informal apology     part 1, part 2, part 3 This is where the two begin to merge now. Science and religion, the empirical and the rational, fact and faith, belief and probability. Quickly before we move on lets look at … Continue reading

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Santa Claus and Friends

Its not Christmas anymore but still in the Christmas spirit. For my Protestant brothers in Christ, Neo-Pagan friends or anyone curious, a bit of fun trivia. The etymology of “Santa Claus” is from the Dutch “Sinterklass” which is Saint Nicholas. … Continue reading

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Classification of Religions

Classification of Religions This is a little harder than it my seem. Academics debate on the best way to organize religion in a stream line fashion due to apparent coherency, differences, mergers, schisms, origins, mobilization, culture and ethnicity. So this list is more of a hybrid of … Continue reading

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